Are you missing a single tooth or multiple teeth and don't like the thought of a denture that you have to remove at night time? 

Are you struggling to chew food successfully due to losing teeth in the past?

Dental implants might be the solution you are looking for and are now more affordable, and less invasive than ever!

Dental implants can be used to successfully replace single or multiple teeth, and allow patients to regain full functionality of speech, chewing and also appearance.

About Dental Implants

A dental implant is most commonly a 2 stage procedure, the first stage being the surgery to place the titanium "screw" and the second stage to create a tooth on top. "Immediate" dental implants are possible, but is dependent on the patients suitability.

After careful planning and preparation, a titanium artificial tooth root is submerged into the jawbone. The dental implant is covered and left for 3 months on average. In this time the surrounding bone grows around the dental implant, making it one with the bone, in a process called 'osseointegration'. This makes the dental implant extremely strong, and unnoticeable to the patient.

Recent innovations in the industry have led to minimally invasive dental implant placement. No incision, "keyhole" techniques can be used with little to no post operative discomfort.

Computer Guided CAD/CAM surgery is also a fantastic innovation used here at STAR dentistry, please see the video below.

After the 3 month healing period, the dental implant can then be used to support a crown (tooth) on top. Either single, multiple or a full arch of teeth.

A dental implant is the closest thing to a natural tooth your dentist can provide, and the success rate is over 95%!

We are happy to offer a free consult to discuss if this treatment if right for you!

Scroll down to watch the video below on cutting edge guided keyhole implant surgery.