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STAR dentistry believes a full check up & clean is the best start to great oral health.

GAP FREE or only $179 (normal price $328!)

Our 5* check up & clean includes:

Comprehensive examination of Teeth and Soft tissue - The journey to healthier teeth and gums starts here

Intra-Oral Photos - Let us show you what we can see, trusting the dentist has never been easier

2 Bite wing x-rays - Detects decay in between teeth and any possible bone loss

Scale & Polish - As time goes on stains and tartar builds up on your teeth which only a dentist can remove. Both ultrasonic and hand scalers are used for the most thorough clean possible

Prophy Jet Cleaning - Removes stains from coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes

Fluoride Treatment -  Strengthens teeth, prevents decay and reduce teeth sensitivity

Personalised Treatment Planning -  A genuine one to one chat out of the dental chair with Dr Richard, where he will show you all of the photos, x-rays and findings, explaining in detail any preventive measures needed and any costs that are involved.