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How we are different?

  1. Owner operated : See the same dentist each visit and feel comfortable knowing you are receiving the very best treatment.

  2. Appropriate length appointment times : Never feel that your dentist is rushed.

  3. Fair and upfront pricing : Never feel the fear at the front desk. Dr Richard will always provide you with a detailed treatment plan, spending time explaining and outlining all costs before commencing any treatment.

  4. Payment plans : We understand that complex procedures can become pricey. We offer payment plans tailored to your individual needs.

  5. One stop shop : The STAR dentistry Pyrmont team are highly skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, surgery, implants, teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry.

  6. Education : The STAR dentistry Pyrmont team thoroughly enjoy their job and love to pass on their passion and knowledge to patients. Education, alongside photographs of your mouth really helps you, the patient, to understand any conditions/treatments and make a well informed decision regarding the commencement of treatment. On top of this, nearly every patient comments on how interesting it is and how much they wish they had known this before!

  7. Prevention : Prevention is always better than cure, the STAR dentistry Pyrmont team truly stands by this philosophy.

  8. Comfort : STAR dentistry Pyrmont is all about making you feel special and creating a calm atmosphere. The STAR dentistry team are very experienced with nervous patients and is happy to take the extra time to make an appointment as relaxed as possible. He has also designed our beautiful surgery with this in mind. Aromatherapy, calming music, ultra comfortable memory foam dental chair as well as a TV and DVDs on the ceiling as a distraction.

Opening Hours

We decided to be open when it is convenient for you; early mornings, late afternoons, evenings and weekends. Let us work around your schedule instead of the other way around. Give us a call on 02 9518 9803 and we will find the perfect time for you!

Easy access

We decided to open our clinic in the heart of beautiful Pyrmont, 50m from STAR CASINO on Pirrama Rd, next to Pyrmont Bay light rail stop, and Pyrmont Bay ferry terminal. With lots of public transport, on-street parking, and just a short walk from the city centre over beautiful Darling Harbour, we hope that Sydney siders will find it hassle-free to come and see us


At STAR dentistry Pyrmont, we strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships. High quality care can only be achieved when you see the same dentist that you trust and feel comfortable with for every single appointment. Having worked in the dental industry for many years we have seen patients being pushed from one dentist to another as the one dentist decides to move on and leave the clinic and a new one starts. Far too many times, these disruptions has been at the cost of the patients oral health. 

High quality care does not only come from the dentist qualifications and clinical skills, but also from trust, commitment and having a dentist that knows you and your medical history. This is why you will always see the same dentist if you choose to come to STAR dentistry Pyrmont.