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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Teeth pain can ruin your week, wisdom teeth pain even more so. STAR dentistry Pyrmont can help you out TODAY!

Sometimes teeth cannot be saved, and when that happens, tooth extractions are necessary. Our experienced surgeons Dr Richard Tippet and Dr Joe Lim at STAR dentistry Pyrmont can help you out. If you are feeling dental pain that is constant or throbbing, call the office immediately and we will schedule you an emergency appointment as soon as we can.

Wisdom teeth can also be advised to be taken out before they become an issue. We can assess your wisdom teeth onsite with a Panoramic X-ray, and we offer sedation with our travelling sedationist Dr Minoo Vellani, for anxious patients to be put to sleep during the procedure.

Why choose STAR dentistry for your Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

  • We are fully surgical trained in all types of Wisdom Teeth Extraction, and offer sedation!

  • We are the top rated clinic in Pyrmont, next to Sydney CBD, with the highest standard of care

  • We also offer in house, and third party payments plans to suit your budget, meaning your new smile can be achieved for a lot less than you think!

Click HERE for more detailed information on wisdom teeth and dental extractions

Don’t delay, book a check up or consultation today to see if yours need removing.

If you are in pain, book your appointment today at STAR dentistry Pyrmont by calling the surgery on (02) 9518 9803, using the instant online booking system on this page or alternatively email us at

Dr Richard Tippett

Dr Richard Tippett

Dr Joe Lim

Dr Joe Lim

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